Best Golf Balls: 14 Best Golf Balls For Beginners Review 2017

Best Golf balls for beginners Review

This golf balls for beginners guide will help you select the best golf balls for beginners (assuming you're a beginner.),

The list of the best golf balls for beginners is below:

  •  Nike PD
  •  Callaway Supersoft
  •  Wilson Staff Fifty Elite
  •  Pinnacle Gold
  •  Srixon Soft Feel
  • Taylormade Distance Plus
  •  Wilson Staff DUO
  •  Titleist NXT Tour S
  •  Srixon Q-STAR
  •  Titleist DT Trusoft
  •  Wilson Staff DUO Spin
  •  Pinnacle Soft
  •  Titleist Velocity High Golf Balls
  •  Srixon AD333 Golf Balls

Now, we'll go deep about which golf balls are the best. See the reviews below, single out the ones you like and buy it.

(1) Nike PD 9 (Soft or long) 

Nike PD 9 review

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This one is very unique, gives me excellent distance and the necessary feel for short game also. The covers of these balls are very durable. This makes me smile even more :) . These are the balls you'll look forward to buying again if once tried. They perform as good as expensive balls. This means, you can save a lot of money using these. This can be a great gift for those you want to please and make a better relation with so that you benefit from them later on. Such as, you can gift these to your gold-lover boss or a family member, like - father-in-law. This ball is softer than many out there on the market.

Sometimes I feel like buying as much as I can of these balls as it remains soft even while putting. This golf ball is made for those who have slower speed but want to hit the balls long. And this ball helps to keep you around the green.

2) Callaway Supersoft

Callaway Supersoft review

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These are your go-to balls if your hits are near a sub ninety swing speed. Use these and you'll soon find out that these balls don't spin hard off the club. These help you make longer shots while keeping them straight. If you want to beat someone who you haven't been able to beat because of distance shortage, these should be your go-to balls. These balls are very soft and give a great feel and have become very popular now.  The older golfers will benefit from these balls as their swing speeds drop typically with age.

On an average, these balls will give you an extra 10-15 yards in every slice. Comparing to the performance it provides, the price is very cheap. There are other balls out there on the market that don't offer this much quality but still cost more than these. These balls are highly rated even by professional instructors, so, I prefer you buy a box of them and test them out. Though it has many quality sides, there are some downsides too I believe. Some of you might find them too soft for your game. If you are a faster swinger than average, then this ball can be a disappointment for you.

(3) Wilson Staff Fifty Elite

Wilson Staff Fifty Elite review

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If you are a beginner and not a pro, this ball will do what any non-pro wants it to do. Without a super fast swing, it catches speed and flies a lot of distance.  This ball doesn't spin much after being hit. This jollifies me because with this, I can get bigger ground. They almost ensure me to stop on the green. I have to agree, they instantly make me a better golfer than I am.

This ball is softer comparing to many others out in the market. It's also perfect for putting and chipping.  If you're just starting out as a golfer and making ridiculous mistakes, these are the balls for you. This ball's compression is awesome for getting big hits. But then, if you swing your club super fast to hit it, it will travel a little less than the golf balls pro golfers prefer.

These also come in orange color. So it'd be easy for you to keep your eye on the ball comparing to a white ball on the course. Note that, not many people use orange as their ball's color, so, it'd be impossible to confuse your ball with someone else... unless.. they too have an orange ball. As these balls are bright, they can be seen from afar. So, it shouldn't be a problem to play with them in a harshly sunny or super hot day.

As this has a lower  compression balls and the good golfers are developing a knack for these balls, these have gained popularity in many vendors. This ones best distinguishable quality is in chipping and putting. These give a lot more soft feel and control.  Because it has a super soft lonomer cover and a low compression combination, this ball soars a lot of ground. If you ask me, these balls are really worth the money. Besides, they come in 3 colors, orange, yellow and white; so it's a win-win for you.

(4) Pinnacle Gold

Pinnacle Gold review

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These balls are an awesome option if you  want your balls to go extra yards. Of course, you have to adjust your short shots while using these, but, those extra yards is what matters most to me. If you also care a lot about them, I prefer you go for them. This ball has a bright, yellow color. That's why I can see it from far away. As it is not a bank breaking expense, I can play resting assure that I won't cost a future if I lose one or two. Yellow balls are very effective in all the seasons except the fall. Some people have reported these balls to have more bounce.

(5) Srixon Soft Feel

Srixon Soft Feel review

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This is a good choice if you play golf for recreation and want a quality ball with lower compression. You can play these well to the green and you can also gain good putting experience.

These balls come in neon color. So, you'll find it easier to find the ball on the course.  This ball has a soft cover. For this, I can hit the ball with a straighter drive, so can you. This ball generates lesser spin and is good for you if you are a newbie who hits slow club head speed. These balls are very durable too. You can often play one game of 18 holes with a piece. These balls soar straighter with a high flight. This will make stopping on greens easier for you. This ball has an awesome direction control and it is worth your money.

(6) Taylormade Distance Plus

Taylormade Distance Plus review

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The greatest differentiator of these balls is the price. The price is very reasonable comparing to the quality. This ball will give you great distance and feel. Ball spinning rate is average. If you want to save some money on buying golf balls and don't want to sacrifice quality, these should be your go-to.

These balls come in yellow color. I just love the visibility. The ball compression rate is low. You'll find many balls out there in the market that cost 4 times more than these providing the same quality and experience.

As it doesn't break the bank, you don't have to worry about losing your fortune if one gets lost in the woods. Though these are the greatest in terms of the price, it has a few drawbacks too.  These balls are very hard and you can get the flight with a light chip shot. This is one thing you have to get used to I guess from my experience.

(7) Wilson Staff DUO

Wilson Staff DUO review

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These are balls with low spin rate. These balls are easy for you to hit straight and gives you a few more yards distance as well. As it gives me good distance, I get the confident feel that I can hit my target when I am on the tee box. The ball will also perform good when you go to do green putting and chipping. Smooth putting indeed.

I'll be honest. I was worried if this ball would be mushy, but it is not. Guess I just overthink stuff. It does an awesome job of giving you a straight chip, of course, because of the low spin rate. People have reported to get approximately 5 yards more distance using these balls. This ball also comes in orange color. Good option if you want to spot your ball quickly. This is a soft ball with quality. The price o these balls is very reasonable. The drawback is, some people might find these balls too soft for them. So, it'd be perfect for someone who has a very low swing speed.

(8) Titleist NXT Tour S

Titleist NXT Tour S review

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If you are a newbie, this ball is good for you. Because it will give you extra distance.  I find the yellow existence of this ball attractive. Many people reported these balls to be awesome fit as a gift. These balls have a soft feel and has a good spin. You can get these balls up in the air and get more flight with less strength. Also, the control is very good. This ball has been reported as the best ball for the beginners by users.

(9) Srixon Q-STAR

 Srixon Q-STAR review

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These balls have a low spin rate. If you are one of the mid to high handicaps, this is the best ball for you. It will give you a good distance and a soft feel too.  This ball performs awesome around the greens - Very nice and soft around the greens. These balls will give you an explosive feel off the club. This ball is not a perfect suit for gift as it comes without a box. Just a yellow nylon mesh bag.

(10) Titleist DT Trusoft

Titleist DT Trusoft review

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This ball gives you good distance, so, good if you are still a new golfer who doesn't know how to hit the stars. Plays good around the greens - very good control indeed. This ball gives you a soft feeling, but, unlike many others, not too soft - the perfect soft. If you are also a slow swinger, this ball is for you.

(11)  Wilson Staff DUO Spin

Wilson Staff DUO Spin review

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This is a softer ball comparing to many out there in the market. And it has more spin than usual balls so they stick on the greens. These balls have a great bite on the grass, they stick very well. It has a low compression, so you can hit every shot confidently. These balls have been reported to perform as good as expensive balls. This is just like the ProV1  in half the price. The just seems too incredible.

(12) Pinnacle Soft

Pinnacle Soft review

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These are one heck of a quality balls considering the price. No, I don't mean to say they are as good as or better than ProV1. These balls offer a great feeling while hitting. These balls could become your best buddies if you can get used to them. Many have reported to play with these balls was a great experience. This ball promises a great flight. Awesome for you if you are a beginner.

(13) Titleist Velocity High Golf Balls

Titleist Velocity High Golf Balls review

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This is a great choice for beginners and senior golfers as they suffer to make yardage. Regardless of what is is - a drive, a chip or a putt, these balls do a great job in every case. Great yardage and can be hit straightly. If you ask me, these are a good alternative for all those premium balls out there costing a ton of money. The price is very reasonable.

(14) Srixon AD333 Golf Balls

Srixon AD333 Golf Balls review

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If you are looking for a ball that you can bang every day, then this is it. This has a good distance and gives you a firm feeling when you do putting. I don't prefer using it to play tournaments but certainly a ball you can use to play every day. The hits come out straight off the club. Awesome for senior golfers. This has performed great for me on the greens. Leaves a good feeling after the ball has hit the irons.This ball has 324 dimples and gives you the maximum distance off the tee. Overall, fantastic.

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