Best Golf Balls: 12 Golf Balls For Slow Swingers & Senior Golfers 2017

Best golf balls for slow swing speed and senior golfers

Maybe you were able to get started with any ball you found 10 years ago. But now, your swing speed has fallen. Your knocks don't shine anymore. So, what can you do to maximize your performance again? You can take help of some best golf balls for slow swing speeds, especially for senior golfers . These golf balls are designed for senior golfers.

Below I've gathered 10 best golf balls that are best for slow swinging senior golfers. Let's go.

Golf Balls For Slow Swing Speed And Senior Golfers

(1)  Titleist Velocity High Golf Ball

Titleist Velocity High Golf Ball review

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If you are a beginner or a senior  golfer who is suffering to gain ground, this is a great choice for you. Be it a chip, a drive or a putt, these balls perform awesome in every aspect. You can hit these far and also maintain the straightness at the same time. You see, there are balls out there on the market that cost tonnes of money. These are some good alternative to those bank breaking shark golf balls. The price it comes in is very reasonable indeed.

(2) Taylormade Rocketballz

Taylormade Rocketballz review
These balls will give you a little more distance with a little less spin. Some people have reported it that they gained 20+ yards on their drives. These balls have a good hit and feel to the
m. These balls have awesome control and are given in an affordable price. They are durable and feel good on the putter. As these are priced moderately, they give you mediocre performance, but, these balls are perfect suit for you if you are an average golfer. But there is a drawback to it. These balls don't bite so good when it hits the green. So, this is probably not for you if you want it to bite hard on the green.

(3) Titleist NXT Tour S

Titleist NXT Tour S review
If you are just starting out in golf, these balls are good for you as these will give you extra yardage. These balls come in yellow color, which I find attractive. Many people reported that these made awesome gift item. They have a good spin on them and a soft feel to them. Using less strength, you can knock these balls and get lot more flight while maintaining good control. Some have also labeled these balls as the best out there for beginners.

(4) Bridgestone E5 Golf Balls

Bridgestone E5 Golf Balls review
These balls are easily available and has an Utherane cover which gives a softer feel. These have a very decent price. These balls won't cost you any distance with your drive hits. These are also suitable for long chip shots as they have a sharp control on these shots. Performs great bite on the greens. These are soft, spin can be easily generated, hard for drive. If you want hit low off your club and want more trajectory on the ball, these are the balls for you. If you're a bogey golfer, these are great balls for you. Actually, the price of these balls is comparatively better from the equivalent pieces of other golf balls.

(5) Srixon Z-Star 2016 Golf Balls

Srixon Z-Star 2016 Golf Balls review
The outside layer of this ball helps the ball to spin, if you are looking for spin, these are the balls for you. These perform awesome around the green to. They bite well when they hit the green ground. They come in yellow color, so, much easier to navigate in overcast skies. These balls are about the perfect softness you could ask for. These are not hard as rock, nor soft as rubber, it's somewhere in the middle with a sweet softness. In fact, these offer so good of a performance that some have named it as poor man's pro V1 balls.

(6) Bridgestone Tour B330 RX

Bridgestone Tour B330 RX review
These balls perform great around the greens. They have a good feeling all around . These balls have been reported to perform distance beyond expectations. This ball es extremely well rounded as it has good control to it. You can reach great trajectory and distance hitting these balls. If you can't get a real hard swing off your club, this definitely are the suitable balls for you. The balls get hit very straight but don't spin much on approach hits. To give an overall review, awesome. As these are bright white, they are easy to see and don't scuff or cut like many other balls out there.

(7) Callaway Chrome Soft

Callaway Chrome Soft review
These golf balls are very soft. You may have used soft golf balls before but these golf balls stay very soft even while putting. If you are serious about your golf game, these are your go-to balls. These balls provide awesome amount of spin, stay soft around the greens. Though the balls are not so cheap, they are worth the money. If you are a golfer whose swing speed is below 100 mph, this ball is a perfect suit for you. Because of the Truvia design it can be seen more clearly and appears a little larger as you set up to it. This provides you with great distance. These balls also give you straighter shots comparing to many out there in the market and are fairly durable. These balls make perfect suit for a birthday gift. Overall rating, excellent.

The drawback is, people reported that these are very tough to find in the rough. The patters on the ball act as camouflage and you'll glance through them very quickly.

(8) Callaway Superhot 55 Golf Balls

Callaway Superhot 55 Golf Balls review
These balls explode off the sweet spot. Gives a good feeling off the flat club. With the 55 compression, it gives you an bursting distance. These are not the best performers when it comes to biting the greens but they perform incredibly while putting. If you are a regular Pro V1 user and seeking for a change to save some money, these balls can be your first choice. These balls also come in yellow, meaning that you'll be able to see them even when it gets dark. So, the main benefits of these balls are - great visibility, outstanding yardage, awesome durability and easy to spot in the roughs and fairways.

Not that many people have reported that they confused themselves into thinking that the '12 balls' package contains 55 balls as it say on the package 'Superhot 55 golf balls'. That 55 is only the amount of the compression. So, beware.

(9) Nike 61298 RZN Tour Platinum Golf Balls

Nike 61298 RZN Tour Platinum Golf Balls review

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These balls have a quite amount of spin on them. Not the ones with high spin rate, more like a ball with medium spin. If you can spin your ball with your wedges and don't need a high spin, these are the balls for your. These offer goof trajectory in the wind. This contains very small dimples and they give exceptional performance. Gives you soft feel and distance at the same time. These are very good for long shots.

The drawback is, if you are one of those who require a high spin rate while playing, these are not the balls for you.

(10) Pinnacle Rush Golf Balls

Pinnacle Rush Golf Balls review
The distance this ball provides is very close to distance provided by many other expensive balls, almost unnoticeable. Let's be real, everyone wants to add some extra length to their shots, if you are also one of them, then these are the golf balls for you. The price it comes in is awesome.

(11) TaylorMade Super Deep Golf Balls

TaylorMade Super Deep Golf Balls review

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These balls are made very soft. Unlike many other balls, this ball is soft in the core and not soft because of the cover. The core compression is ultra low 60 compression, that means, it will give slower swingers a supercharge in gaining more yardage and more trajectory. Seeing at the price of these balls, these balls provide outstanding quality as these are soft. Because, when you buy a distance ball at $20, anything less hard than a rock it appreciated. The ball takes low spin flights and gives you a surprising  performance. These balls deliver good yardage, as well as flies nice and straight, without aggravating the hooks and slices. Though the ball is not so bite-ish, it's stopping power as a value ball is sufficient. Though these are not 'tour' soft, seeing at the price, as they don't break your bank, they are gems.

(12) Callaway Golf HEX Diablo Golf Balls
Callaway Golf HEX Diablo Golf Balls review

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If you are also one of the middling golfers, these are great balls for you as these will give you extra distnce, plus, tight control around the greens. These balls are quite soft and are compatible with clubs of Taylormade. The feel and flight of the ball is outstanding. Many people have reported that they've bought more after trying once.

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