Golf Club Buying Guide: Guide On How To Get The Best Golf Clubs

If you are a beginner and thinking about spending your hard-earned money in golf, then you probably need to read this before you do so. This article articulates what are the things you should be looking at before buying golf clubs for you. This guide will serve you a few perspectives that will surely benefit newbie golfers to pick the better club for them. Let's go.

First, Let's Clarify And Evaluate, Quality Equipment Is Solid Gold For Golfers

In the golfing world, one of the most crucial aspects is to own quality equipment. Having high-quality stuff can be make or break your day on the course. Most professionals out there will agree with the same statement: quality equipment are very important.

Anyway, if the golfer is very new in the golfing world, the quality of the accessories they use are not much important. Because, they don't have the necessary skills that's needed for these clubs. Once someone reaches the skill, the equipment become more of an important thing.

All the equipment are important, but golf clubs are the most crucial part of golf equipment. A quality set can be the determiner of a winning championship or a rock-bottom losing one.  This the why the big companies have done boat load of research about designing golf clubs in the past few years.

Manufacturers are also trying to up the quality of the clubs to help the golfers up their game of golf. If you are in the market to shop for golf clubs, you'll encounter the newest models of golf clubs.

But if you don't have a lot of money to spend, you should give a try going to discount golf clubs too. The outcome might surprise you.

Asides the golf clubs, there are other parts of the golf equipment that are also very crucial, like the gloves, shoes, apparel, tees, balls and training aids. All these are important for a great golf game.

Shoes: The best fitting shoes are the best shoes for golf. Sounds obvious? Many err on doing this because they don't take enough time to simply try on different sizes to see the best fitting ones.

Balls: Balls are certainly more important than shoes. Selecting the best ball depends on what kind of game you are about to play. Hard balls perform awesome for distance whilst the medium ones are awesome for both - long lasting and yardage.  Note that, nearly all the pro golfers use a soft ball in their game.

I agree, the quality is important for both - the expert and the novice. But more important to the experts. You should only proceed into buying quality products if you are damn serious about the game.

Spending Big Buck Right Away Is Not The Best Option

When you first step into the world of golf, you solely want the equipments that complement your skills more than anything else. If you are thinking you have a craze for golf and will spend a big buck buying luxurious golfing clubs, then wait up. You won't get anything but frustration walking down this path.

You see, the heavily expensive golf clubs are designed for being played by the experts. If you also chime in with them, the skill level will be such highly unmatched that you will not be able to make any use of these clubs. Hence, you'll find yourself with a few clubs that you do nothing but hate. Let's not forget you paid a big amount of money for them too.

This is why every new golfer should be careful while choosing and buying their golf clubs. They should consider a few different things instead of just staring at the price tags and reviews of other users. If you keep tabs on these things, you will be happier in the long run and most probably have big chances of increasing your skill at a much faster and higher rate.

How You Should Pick The Best Golf Club For You

(1) Flexibility is key

The number one thing you should search in golf clubs is the flexibility of the club. No. I'm not telling you to check how much your golf club can bend while swinging.

What I'm telling you to do is, pick the clubs that are forgiving to those golfers who aren't very familiar with their acts. Among all the flexible golf clubs, the adjustable ones are the best. You should take the smart path of spending a little extra money to get the golf clubs that change at the swing of your wrists.

As you are still a beginner in this game, your gameplay habits are not fully developed. Or maybe, haven't even started to develop. It is always advisable that you stay on the safe side till you have a better grasp about what tools will give you a better support to succeed in the game.

(2) Don't Spend Your Fortune, Decide An Amount First

Here's a golden dollar advice: Don't spend huge amount of money after your golf clubs. I get it, you may find it tempting to buy the very expensive sets thinking they you give you a huge thrust in the performance. Immediately. But in reality, it is nothing but a waste of your money.

Decide a certain (reasonable) amount of money that you'd spend on the clubs and don't go beyond that amount regardless of what happens. People at the golf stores will lead you to the golf clubs that are under your range. Hopefully, those clubs will have the features you are actually looking for.

(3) Look For Clubs At Obscure And Cheap Places

If you are really interested and adventurous about buying a golf club for yourself, you can go the extra mile bu checking for clubs in pawn shops or even in auctions. These places always tend to have some options.

If you think you know well what you are looking for, then these are good places for you. And you might just be able to pick out an excellent deal if you really know what you are doing.

(4) Use Others' Clubs To Gather Experience

While you are still trying to find the golf clubs that suit you more, you must try out many of the golf clubs to know which one works best for you and are most comfortable for your hands and everything else.

You can simply ask your golfing mate to hand you the club and borrow it for one stroke; or you can also go to the golf club store to try out some more clubs. While trying out many clubs, you'll realize that the more you try, the easier it is becoming for you to make the final decision.

If you can practically test out every material, head style and length, you'll soon find out which combinations suits you best. But are there any downsides of trying out many models? Hardly. Trying out a bunch won't present any problem to be real. A lot of golfers love to show their expensive stuff off, also stores also have policies about testing out their equipments. Don't shy away from trying them out, in fact, go try them all if possible.

Here's A Video Guide

If you're looking for more perspectives and facts to look out for before buying a golf clubs, then the below cited video might come to your help. Take a look.

To Sum It Up

The above mentioned ideas and tactics should help you to have a happier golf club buying experience if you're a beginner.

If you want a one line takeaway from this post, it is this:

The goal is NOT to grab the most high-priced or low-priced clubs, it is to grab the ones that will help to up your game.

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