10 Undeniable Myths of Golf

10 Golf myths

Do you cringe from starting golf thinking it will cost you a fortune?

Do you think it is a very long game and consumes a lot of time?

Do you find golf old-fashioned?

Like the above ones, people often believe many cliches to be true as they hear or perpetuate them from the golf industry.

However, It is time you rethink all these myths which are restraining you from participating.

To make sure you can don't cringe anymore, below I've gathered 10 golfing myths that people think to be true. Let's go.

(1) Golf is a dawn to dusk game

You can play golf spending the same amount of time as your other hobbies.  You have quicker ways of playing the game that will suit your busy day. Today, 2 hours is the tenure of vast majority of the leisure activities, like, watching movie, playing tennis etc.

While the 18 holes round takes 4 hours approximately, you can also play 9 holes and end it withing 2 hours. 9-hole is permitted in the handicap system and in the rules of golf.

(2) Golf is only for men

Golf is for everyone, plus, unlike many sports, golf allows people of various skills to compete together. There are many great woman golfers out there.

As it allots you a lot of time for conversation and fine tunes your social life, it is equally great for men and women both.

(3) Golf costs a lot

Not true, golf doesn't require bank-breaking expense. Like many other sports, you can spend as little or as much as you want. You can find equipments, playing options and clothing of different budgets.

You can enroll yourself into beginner golf courses with as little as 25$ - 30$ where they also provide you with equipments.

(4) Golf is not enough exerting to keep you fit

Golf keeps you active, burns calories, keeps you in shape, lowers your cholesterol and also reduces hearts disease. Study says it potentially helps you to live a longer life.

In an average golf game, you walk approximately 10,000 steps / 4-5 miles and burn at least 900 calories. That is equivalent of 150 mins of moderate level exercise you require weelky.

(5) You must have a membership of a golf club to play golf

Not if you want to learn how to play golf. The beginner courses are accessible to newbies which you can book and show up on the day and play.

Today, 70% of the golfers of UK don't have a membership of a golf club. They perform a booking and play when they want to. Anyways, having a membership gives you many playing and social advantages, like- organized events and competitions.

(6) You must have a set of golf clubs to start playing

You don't. You can join golf centers and they will give you the clubs which you can use to play. The only thing you need to do is show up with comfy, casual outfit and trainers. Many of the golf clubs with rent you clubs to play with.

(7) You should always keep your head down

This is the most discussed topic between beginners and keeps on going for years.

Before you start arguing with me, let me tell you, before you make a comment, you need to take a specific part of the game that you are referring to.

If you performing a full swing, you should NOT keep your head down, and if performing chip or put shots, then YES, keeping your head down will help.

(8) Golf is 99.99% mental

Of course, the brain controls the body, so from a rational perspective, YES, golf is a mental game.

But no golfer ever paved their path thinking about success. It takes a combination of body and mind. You don't hit the golf ball with your body only nor with your mind only.

So, it is best to see from this perspective: golf performance depends on how well you can connect your mind and body.

(9) The golf equipments don't matter

Although not everything is determined by the golf equipments, there's still a role for the equipments.

As you progress in the game and build your expertise, you will start to understand the importance of properly suited equipment.

It also highly benefits you if you start using the right clubs before reaching the high level. This way, you can prevent the bad habits from starting.

(10) Being a professional golfer is only a dream life

Many people think taking golf as a living would ease up their life while it is a complete delusion.

For an average golfer, spending a week being a professional golfer will be back breaking work.

So the next time you become jealous seeing the professionals, remember you need to be super-sharply skilled to be up there.

To Conclude

No way I've covered all the myths regarding this matter: golf. But hopefully, now that you've read it, you can understand the game a little better.

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