Golf Shoes Buying Guide: How To Get The Right Golf Shoes?

Are Golf Shoes Really Necessary? How To Choose The Right Golf Shoes?

Here we'll discuss how you can choose the right gold shoe for you. But first, let's see if golf shoes are really necessary for you or not.


Have you paid close attention to your golf shoes recently. No, I'm not talking about the shallow look you take when you bend your head down before making the swing, I mean, have you thoroughly analyzed your shoes lately?

Maybe your shoes are in a horrible condition. Yes, the irony, because, it is one of the most crucial things in terms of making a comfy swing. Knocking a golf ball flush relies on your foot stability, swing path and your balance. The club stays low on the list. Even the professional golfers change their sponsors with different season approach. Anyways, golf shoes are amongst the equipments which are valued to the lowest degree which we wear on every round. And this is one of the things amongst the equipments we remain loyal to in terms of branding. We love them because - they look and feel good. We involve golf shoes in our every shot. The appearance of the shoe is not everything in terms of golf shoes.

Balance is the number one reason why many make a very bad golf knock. They either fall forward, fall backward or just slip while swinging their club. After playing a bad shot, we generally tend to impose the blame on our club or lack of practice.

Some of mistakes while swinging are -

  • Trying to search the shot before we knock it.
  • Positioning the ball badly.
  • Slipping out the club from hands

Golf shoes are probably the last apparel you'd like to substitute. A decent pair of golf shoes can cost you $150 sometimes. Some may argue that these are really worth the money as these golf shoes can go on for four to five sets of golf spikes before showing the need of replacing them. It sounds like an awesome deal when you think about it.

But that raises the question: who'll spend that $150? Many like to stick to budget golfing. So, you can gulp down your pride and purchase the Tiger Woods model of three wears ago. Yes, just like we wait for the new iPhone release or the latest set of Air Jordans, then why shouldn't we go for the latest shoes, right?

Dead wrong. Bear in mind that your iPhone sustains till your next contract, Air Jordans perform well until the next set comes out. Golfing shoes will not be the very last item you purchase in the year in terms of golf equipments. We need to buy golf balls, gloves, need to freshen up our golf clubs, plus, you need to pay for golf rounds once or twice a week.

A lot of brands create golf shoes. So, we most certainly won't have the ability to put on and try them all, so, it is preferable to generate brand loyalty when it comes to shoes.

I'm personally a fond of Adidas because they suit you just like a glove and are extremely stable. Every pair that I've tried have given me this sort of experience. One of the greatest advice would be not to be one of those brand loyalist people, though I stick to their equipments, be it clubs or shoes. But not about balls.

And just like many out there, when it comes to golf clubs, I'm a deal huntsman. I own an awesome set of Adidas which I had searched and found at a good deal after I had tried them out at PGA superstore. I own the black edition of these and they perform like walking shoes.

Anyways, before you go forth and search up whatever suits your budget on a brand new set of golf shoes, consider the below options in the first place.

If your shoes don't contain any holes inside them and don't stretch like the old set of running-shoes that you constantly need to replace, then buy a bunch of spikes and keep them stored inside your golfing bag. If you have not replaced them with your hand ever, here are the things you'll be needing.

  •  spikes 
  •  spike replacing tool 
  •  5 tiny minutes

Adding new spikes will give your shoes the feel of being brand new sometimes, but, just like any sport shoe, you must replace them at a certain point.

If your shoes get filthy, stretched and is having a hard time to return to its for, then look forward to grabbing a new pair of shoes. But bear in mind that they don't necessarily need to be costly.

Here's How You Find Your Suitable Deal

Are Golf Shoes Really Necessary? How To Choose The Right Golf Shoes?

Go to your local golf shoe store and put on as many premium ones you can to see which one is fitting you the most perfect. Always utilize the privilege of the golf shoe store. Put them on and go take a club and ball and try knocking a few balls.

Don't forget: You're the buyer. You need to see how the shoes perform in action. And after you have check marked that, don't be hesitant to bring out your phone and look for the greatest available deal on the shoe that has perfectly fit you.

Regardless of the event, keeping a new bunch of spikes for your shoes will help you to sustain your balance while swinging and lower the chance of injuring yourself. We all want to avoid slipping the club while swinging. We want to shoot lower scores and tend to focus on our knocks to fix all the errors. You should be worried least about golf shoes.

Now that's what you call budget golfing.


A lot of enthusiastic golfers say that golf club is the key to making a great game of golf. And some differ, it all depends on your swing. But the question is:

Are golf shoes your game maker or breaker?

Most of the golf courses out there have the prerequisite of players wearing appropriate golf shoes while going onto the green. And at the same time, some clubs allow them to put on different types of shoes. A lot of golfers choose to go for the specialized golf shoes, although their golf course does not require them to. Shoes that are made especially for golfers help both - golf courses and the player.

Golf shoes are not only about making a stylish equipment. Proper fit shoes help golfers keep their feet stable and allow them to reap the full privilege of the strength of their legs when they swing. Golf shoes also help preventing slipping and falling on the course.

The green keepers see the golf shoes as both - blessing and cursing. Intellectual golfers know that spikes or cleats are bad when in comes to the condition of the greens and they wear  the shoes with subtle suction cup steps.

Golfing shoes with spike soles can make a disturbance when you step into the green and increase the work for green keepers. General spiked ones are proven to hammer the greens and fairways. The newer shoes that have separable plastic studs give you a little bit of relief. The golf shoes may not hack up the green area like spiked of this version, they will certainly leave mark. Therefore, the surface of the greens becomes rough and bumpy. This hammering can the accuracy of your putt and the potency of your score.

If you already have shoes that contain optional studs, it is a good advice to wear them without putting the studs in situ.

If you are playing golf out on a sunny, dry day, the chances of you slipping and falling down are very low. If the weather seems rainy and the green seems wet, and you feel more comfy when the studs are in place, then go and let them be as they are. The decision is totally up to you.

Spiked or studded shoes may offer you advantage the way you play your shots, but they cause damage, and that damage shave off points when it comes to average score. If you are confused and not totally sire about what will be the best option for  ask, ask people at your local golf specialty shop or just pay a visit to the pro shop that is situated in your golf course.


The average joe golfers out there will invest 4-5 hours every round standing on his legs and will cover an awesome 4-5 miles. It is crucial for you to know how important golf shoes may turn out to be to lower your handicap and scores. You can make use of this article to choose the right shoes for you.

Mainly, there are 4 areas we need to keep our eyes on while selecting the right golf shoes. Here is a guideline for you:

#1 Fitting

Are Golf Shoes Really Necessary? How To Choose The Right Golf Shoes?
Super crucial! If your shoes don't fit well, you certainly won't leave happy. And there is no rule that says more money will make a shoe fit you better.

Before picking a size, measure both feet and if you get different measures, then go for the larger size.

Golf shoes need to be stable on your feet and also offer some room to your feet so it doesn't get choked.

Many golfers out there make use of thick socks when they golf for comfort. This actually is a good idea when you are trying on your potential shoes to put on the sock type you will most likely wear while playing golf.

#2 Style

Are Golf Shoes Really Necessary? How To Choose The Right Golf Shoes?
When you go to select a style, make sure you grab on you can wear comfortably. You have many options nowadays to select from these types of athletic and traditional pieces. The traditional golf shoes are created from leather and tend to have a very durable quality. However, the drawback is, the dearth of breath-ability and the flexibility. On the flip-side, the athletic edition come with and without spikes, tend to be light in weight and offer you a lot of flexibility. You can choose from many styles out there, and you can also consider sandals for casual golfing. So, stay stubborn on your budget and keep your eyes open for these deals

#3 Waterproofing

You should look for shoes that are waterproof built. You won't want to walk around on the golf course with wet and soaking feet. Many of the golf equipment manufacturers will give you a 100% guaranteed waterproof shoes for a year. This means, if your shoes start to leak water within a year, you can get another brand new pair from them without the cost. Keep your eyes open about what the company offers.

#4 Price
Are Golf Shoes Really Necessary? How To Choose The Right Golf Shoes?

As aforesaid, more money doesn't always necessarily assure you better stuff. You can stumble upon great deals on the internet during golf season. They range from £20 to £200 and beyond. So, stay inside your budget and search for the greatest deal available.

Here's A Video Guide

Here's a video game you might find useful:

To Sum It Up

It may be a difficult job for you to choose the right golf shoes if you are a beginner. Here are a few words of wisdom:

The greatest way of buying a pair of shoes is to pick the right merchants on the internet stores. Ensure that they are big-name in their shoe industry.

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