2 Brilliant Ways To Save Money On Golf Balls

how to save money on golf balls

A golf player almost always comes across a constant push of stuff which he / she can potentially throw his money at. Such as, golf clubs, trophy holders etc.

Looks as if a golf player's cash can continuously be spent on various things for buying. Nonetheless, one of the most costly item a golf player has to throw money after is something you'd anticipate.

Golf balls happen to be potentially the most bothersome stuff a golfer has to spend his money after. Golfers need to buy golf balls time and again; until you want to quit golfing. Oftentimes, these small pieces disappear in bushes, sand and golf lakes. Golf ball prices seem ridiculous; providing that some are being sold at $25+ in a 12-in-one pack.

Chances are you want to save some of your money while buying golf balls; or perhaps, you won't mind getting them for free. If so, then keep reading below on how you can do just that.

(1) Look Around For Balls That Have Been Left Behind By Other Golfers

If you are currently inside a golf game, you have a lot of chances to find out golfing balls which have been used by some other golfer before you. Though it is not a good sign to constantly seek for golf balls and putting a stop on your game; a little peek while passing by a bush is doable. Just take a second at that bush or water hazard to see if you can find any golf balls that have been abandoned by other golfers.

Plus, if you can afford to get your hands soaked, you can find a few balls every time by searching under a water pool. Bushes are also a good place to look for. While the other golf players may find you peculiar because you're searching for balls while the game is going on; it definitely pays off when at the end you don't need to spend crazy money after the balls each week.

Here's how you collect those golf balls: carry a bag with you, store the balls you find into the bag. When you reach home, clean the balls off and you've new-like golf balls ready to perform.

(2) Buy Used Golf Balls

You can buy already used once balls from a lot of places too, such as, sporting item shop situated in your local town. They sell these at a huge discount comparing to the original price. Plus, possibly, you won't even be able to tell that those balls have once been used as they'll go through the washing process.

Typically, these are not found selling in matching colors or brands, therefore, uniformness may be the thing you're disappointed for. If you are not beyond a casual golfer, already used / 2nd hand golf balls perform perfect. You need to have a very trained hand if you want to tell the difference between a costly ball and a budget ball

The spin out and stiffness of the golf balls typically vary, but won't probably suffice for you to notice the fact. Go ahead and use 2 counterpointing balls in a row, see if you can notice any difference. If you can't, be happy that you are able to go along with the budget balls.

To Sum It Up

Agreed, it doesn't seem like boat loads of money saver if you search for free and discounted balls. Still, the money adds up. Maybe it is a few dollars per week, still, you get to keep that money inside your pocket. So, let's take a recap on what are the things that you should keep in mind to save money in golfing.

- Search for used balls
- Buy once used balls from good stores

By continuing to follow these two principles, you can surely get the experience of benefiting from paying a handful of money every month from your paycheck after balls.

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