Tiger Woods Accident [FOUND WITH DRUGS]

Tiger Woods Found With Drugs, Everything You Need To Know

Tiger Woods contained element needed for marijuana, two sleep drugs and 2 painkillers in his body at the time he had been arrested on a D.U.I. accusation earlier in the current year, according says a report by the police.

The Police had released the report less than 7 days after Woods had done agreement to enroll in a recreation program in order to conciliate his driving while with the following charges.

The reports had been reported Monday by ESPN at first.

The report says,Woods, (41), contained THC, which happens to be the active element for marijuana; plusthe painkillers - Dilaudid and Vicodin; the drug designed for sleep and anxiety - Xanax;

What is more the insomnia fighting drug Ambien in his body while the arrest took place,

Time and place :

2 a.m., May 29,  approximately fiteen (15) miles away from his house that's in Jupiter. The officers claim to have found him without consiousness inside his car and the car was parked pretty peculiarly at a side of the road and had taken some damage at the side of the driver.

It has not been found why his car has been damaged. After checking the sorroundings, officers did not find any place that was damaged which he had bumped into.

The Suspense

Tiger Woods has issued a statement on the Tuesday where he said he was attempting to treat his back pain and insomnia problems with his own resources without seeing a doctor.

However, he did not talk about the marijuana topic precisely. None could be found out in his possession.

“I have realized now it was a mistake to trying to cure it on own without medical help”
said Woods, who had enrolled into an out-of-state drug care treatment course the previous month.
 “I'm going to keep working with my docs, and they think I’ve made substantial progress.”

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