How to Learn Soccer Moves and Tricks like the Pros

How to Learn Soccer Moves and Tricks like the Pros

The majority of persons who enjoy playing soccer probably may never become a professional soccer player, but it's a lot of fun the same, if you had some neat tricks and world class moves to show-off that will certainly impress your friends and family.

But before you begin, here is a word of caution, it is better if you were to first learn to get a hang of the basics before anything else. When you learn to apply the basics, then you will be able to take your skills to the next dimension which will make it easier to learn the more advance moves and tricks.

I bet that every time when you are watching a soccer game, I'm sure you are thrilled by seeing the latest moves, or the well-known ones that is frequently done by different professional players. I am positive you can all remember seeing the infamous 360 spin move which was regularly done by the great Zinedine Zidane. This particular move might seem simple, but don't take it that simple, it proves very effective and requires great skill and balance on the ball. Another extremely impressive move is Ronaldinho's trademark move the Elastico. When he first performed this move and did it a couple of times in a match, he propelled himself to the world class stage and his fame worldwide immediately began to sky rocket.

The thing I which to illustrate here is the fact that these popular players didn't just start doing these tricks and moves they have made popular overnight. It took them numerous days and hours of practice and commitment to implement them. What you need to do now is focus on how to start learning them in the correct way.

How to learn soccer tricks and moves

First of all, it's important you make a list of all the moves and tricks you wish to master. Record them in an orderly fashion starting with the simplest, then list those that are harder to master. You should next begin working on the simplest. Using a step-by-step format will make the process much easier. But always try to start off learning the basic moves first before moving to the more advance. Then the next stage after grasping the basic tricks, you can then move towards the harder tricks such as the Elastico.

Be sure that when you are practicing, you try to practice with a friend or with a group, because you are more likely to get better results in improving your skills than practicing by yourself. The truth of the matter, you won't have much of a challenge practicing by yourself than if you were to practice with other people. While taking part in a match, the pace of the game might be so quick - There really isn't that much time to think about how you can pull-off certain move. So, it's vital to know beforehand, the tricks you want to complete effectively during the game.

As was mentioned above, make sure to start with the basics before anything else. After you think you have fully grasped the basic tricks, then you can move towards getting better at the harder ones. You'll find it a good idea if you try to become good at basic dribbling first. Practicing basic dribbling will allow the foundation so it becomes easier to be good at the more difficult tricks.


While on your way learning about some great soccer moves and different tricks, make sure you try always to maintain your focus and never stop practicing. Remember that none of the top-level players started out at their current ability level, not to mention the great Zidane, I'm sure it took him a while to master the 360 spin. Often times these tricks will take many months, even years to master. But you can only master them if you first learn to master the basics. But try to never let discouragement hold you back; if you put a lot of effort into practicing, you'll sure to start seeing yourself perform these tricks with great ease over time.

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