How to Play Soccer Correctly

Soccer is the world's most popular sport. There is no questioning that fact. Especially for Americans, soccer may seem "foreign." A simple way of looking at this sport is to understand the rules first.
A soccer game begins with one team pushing the ball forward to a teammate. The ball is placed in the middle of the field. Once this has happened that teammate has the option of passing, dribbling, or shooting from long distance. Thus, a soccer game begins.

The main objective is to play "keep away" from the opposing team and to eventually score on them. Once a goal is scored it counts as one point much like hockey.


Playing Soccer Correctly

A soccer team is composed of eleven players per team and twenty two players on the field. Each team has ten field players and one goalkeeper. The goalkeeper is the only person that is allowed to use their hands.

In soccer there are penalties or fouls committed. It is the decision of the referee what exactly constitutes a foul. Usually a foul is committed when a player uses his hand, pushes, trips, or blatantly does something wrong to an opposing player, like using his cleats to kick you instead of the ball. When this occurs the referee gives a warning to the player committing the foul and if it is of some severity a yellow or red card is given. A yellow card is a warning and two yellows equal a red card. Once a red card is issued the player is sent out of the game and usually given a one game suspension.

Penalty kicks are given when a player is pushed, trip, or hurt in the other team's eighteen yard box. The player or someone from his team will take a direct kick from the penalty spot. Only the goalkeeper is allowed to be there during this time.

When the ball goes out of bounds a throw in is issued. This is the only time when a field player is allowed to use his hands. The ball has to go completely over his head and both feet have to be planted on the ground.

An offside is issued when an opposing player is caught behind the opposing team's defenders. An example of this would be is player A makes a pass to player B on his team but before player A starts his pass, player B is already behind the other team's defenders.


Soccer Practice

A simple way to practice soccer technique is to get a soccer ball hit it slowly against a wall. Practice hitting it with your right foot first, left foot, and vice versa. Then use the inside of the right and left foot to do the same thing. Kick it harder towards the wall so that the ball comes back harder towards you

An excellent way to learn to play soccer is to juggle a ball. Instead of juggling with your hands you will juggle the soccer ball with your feet. You can use your feet, thighs, chest, neck, shoulders, and head in juggling a soccer ball. The more you do it the more comfortable you become.

There are many tricks that a player can use but it is at the discretion of the practicing player which is best. Some of the tricks take years of practice to master it correctly. Some of these tricks include the step over and nutmeg.

Here Is A Video Guide You Might Find Interesting

This guy talks about how you can play soccer in the proper way. I agree with most of what he has to say. Do check out his video, it's a classy one.

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