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Have you ever seen world famous goalkeepers to save the day without putting on those precious gloves? I know I haven't. You have take a lot of variables under your considerations before you purchase one of the best goalkeeper gloves. Let me remind you, goalkeeper gloves are really subjective and if one thing is working for someone, doesn't really mean it will be best for everyone. Just like soccer shoes, best goalkeeper gloves also play an essential role when you are a wannabe goalkeeper looking for the evolution to happen.
As a goalkeeper, you get a ton of accessories, some really catch the eyes, some do not. Goalkeeper gloves are really attractive and and the meaning varies with different people. These are a psychological tool that you can use for your benefits. Without the use of best goalkeeper gloves, you can't even imagine of playing as a goalkeeper in your super cool team. There is this mysterious vibe that goalkeeper gloves release, it's something that keeps screaming inside your head that you are unstoppable. No one can score on you.

If you leave this awesome item out of your game, you certainly will feel a punch in your confidence pouch. So, when I say goalkeeper gloves are 'average joe' important, I'm making a big mistake. They unquestionably are the heart and soul of a goalkeeper out in the field. Goalkeeper glove technology have taken big leaps and the modern day gloves come with comfort, protection, confidence and grip whenever you put them on. You need to consider a ton of things when up for buying a goalkeeper glove. The material, style, age, type of the soccer ball that's being used, and the quality of the material used to make it is crucial. A lot of these factors overlap and help you decide what the best goalkeeper gloves is for every person.

Like many others, if you also are looking for the best goalkeeper gloves out there in the market, here we present you with the 10 best goalkeeper gloves available. Let's go:

#1. Nike Vapor Grip 3 Goalkeeper Gloves

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Let us kick things off by introducing the super awesome Nike goalie soccer gloves. We can truly shout out that this is one heck of a pair of gloves. This comes with Nike's Grip3 technology which is designed to improve your grip on the ball and control over it. The 4mm contact foam minimizes the impact and also improves your grip. 

#2. Ace Pro Goalkeeper Gloves by AdidaImage result for Ace Pro Goalkeeper Gloves by AdidasRelated image

This model is created with a combination of 32% elastane foam and 68% latex. These Ace Pro gloves feature an authentic zone construction design along with an engineered Evo Zone Tech palm. And this offers a comfy feeling after you take a shot, every single time. Besides this Evo Zone Tech palm, these pair of gloves come equipped with a stretch strap for personal fit adjustments. What is more, this model, which is one of the best goalkeeper gloves, gives you a close fitting bandage without a protective seams which makes it one of the best goalkeeper gloves. Certainly, a number of the top adidas goalie gloves 2017, this model amazes with a damaging cut in order to get a snug and tight fitting.

#3. Reusch Xosa Pro X1 Ortho Tec Glove

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This pair of gloves possesses a specialized Wet and Dry foam which provides you with the perfect grip in both conditions - wet and dry. Speaking of the backhand, it features Super Softi foam all over the gloves. At the same time, the stamped foam feature adds more flexibility at a ton of breakpoints. These gloves' optimum fit and catching places depends on the brand's invention Expanse Cut ESS, whereas, the patented 2-piece double densed Orth-Tech stays happen to be entirely dismissible in all of your fingers of the glove, also including your thumb too, making it one of the best goalkeeper gloves.

#4. The Serathor Supreme GImage result for The Serathor Supreme G2Related image

These pieces of gloves are a cutting edge pair produced by Reusch. This boasts a G2 ultra soft palm, along with a Dual Rolled Expanse Cut ESS, as well as an elastic excessively long cuff with the Duraloop tech. The backhand is made of Pro Latex, and you can find this product available in many sizes, from 7,5-11. The main features of this pair is palm embossing, AirVentSyste, Control 2.0 and a Zipper Pocker, and last but not least a Rolled Thumb, which makes it one of the best goalie gloves.

#5. Evodisc GK Goalkeeper Gloves by Puma

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The Evodisc gloves made by Puma for goalies are one of the most tiptop pieces you can find out there. You can find these in the Green Gecko / Puma White color combinations. These boast Puma's famous disc tech which gives you a snug fitting while advocating awesome freedom for you to get some movement. These patented protection of thumbs is also included in this piece. And certainly they mesh finger inset that allows you to have more breathability. The Air Zone sector that this pair contains is a huge plus point for anyone using it. The full-length wrist strap provides you with the neatest advocation for someone wearing one of the best goalkeeper gloves.

#6. Keeper ID Goalproof Prime FingerSAFE RC

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This here is another tiptop set of goalie gloves. But in case of this pair, the biggest feature it contains is a 4mm F1 German Supersoft classic or regular cut foam palm feature. This feature provides you with super awesome shock absorption and grip. It is also important to mention the FingerSAFE system, which is light in weight, can be removed and happens to be flexible. This also contains neoprene fabric backhand which gives you top notch breathability. The well-grooved rubbered punching place is available there for protection and accuracy, and the supportive neoprene wrist ensures you a perfect fitting. If you want a set of personalized best goalkeeper gloves, these certainly are amongst the best you can grab today. You can create your own goalkeeper gloves by additing many details, for example: putting a number on the wristband, or a name perhaps? An image, a flag or initials at the backhand also do a good job of personalization, making it one of the best goalkeeper gloves.

#7. Neo Pro Shot Gun Goalkeeper Gloves

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This pair of gloves can be found in 2 color combinations - White/Black and Black/Marine. The Shotgun intercrossed build of the item offers you max ball to the latex contact in order to give you incredible control at the time of distribution. THe 4mm Umbro Elite latex foam panels do a great job of gripping. The bandaged appearance on your wrist offers an anatomical latex wrist joint whip, whereas the thumb wrapped with latex place does nice with a number of joined strips on the 4th and 5gh numbers to empower a customized fit.

#8. Ace Replique Goalkeeper Gloves by Adidas

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The Ace FS Replique release by Adidas is a very long lasting set of one of the best goalkeeper gloves that can endure and go through whatever adverse conditions you take it through.This provides you with comfort and grip which is worthy of the Adidas quality. This pair of gloves is infused with hi-tech features and can be found in an attention-grabbing color combinations - Black/Blue/White.

#9. UHLSPORT Eliminator Absolutgrip Bionik+ Gloves

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This set of gloves features a super unique ELIMINATOR design. This design consists of an entire latex whip with namefield. Plus a classic cut along with a wrapping on the thumb and latex inset. The palm of this model is patended with ABSOLUTGRIP foam, and the backhand contains an stamped latex material along with SCHOCKZONE. The body of the glove is textile, plus it puts together the BIONIK+ FRAME. This BIONIK technology gets complemented by an extra thumb advocation. The backhand plate advocates advance energy allocation, which makes it one of the best goalkeeper gloves of 2017.

#10. New Balance Furon Dynamite Finger Protect

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This set of gloves by New Balance is made basing on Furon Dynamite Finger Protect glove and this is bound to surpass every freaking expectation you are holding in your mind. As we expect from a quality NB product, this new set comes equipped with finger savers boast an NB FLEX wrist whip, an outlined laterx wrapping around the thumb and a finger protection that is removable. The palms are made of 4mm + 3.5mm Supersoft and provides you with top notch grip regardless of which kind of situation you are going through. The entirely stamped latex backbhand provides you with breathability and comfort is spades. The punchzone made of silicon print is worthy of a mention as well, so does the neoprene wrist cuff and the wristband which makes it one of the best goalkeeper gloves.

Best Goalie Gloves Buyers Guide

Though only one player wearing them on the football field, goalkeeper gloves are very crucial for building a strong team defense. They offer tighter grip, cushion and shield your palms and fingers, aid you to block, punch and catch the ball. Such gloves are made with a mix of synthetic and natural latex foams. Some gk gloves perform best on artificial grass, while some are great for futsal, during rain, at the pro/youth level. However, the million dollar question arises: why do goalie glove prices vary so freaking much?

If you find goalkeeper gloves to be very complex, I welcome you to this guide. Over the course of this piece, we will go through how to pick the best set of goalie gloves meeting your needs.

Before diving into the things that you should be looking out for in a goalie glove, let's witness the anatomy of goalkeeper gloves first.

The Anatomy of Goalie Gloves


The backhand of the gloves shields your hand while punching the ball. The body of the glove and the gussets of finger attaches the backhand and the palm. The backhand quality varies with the price of your set of gloves. Low-costing gloves contain a single layer of foam, whereas top notch gloves contain backhands made of latex.


The palm helps the goalkeeper catching the ball. Goalie gloves coupled with a tight grip are perceived as match gloves. Stellar gk gloves consist a tight grip and a thick palm made up of top-notch materials. You have 3 types of palm options - dimpled, smooth and textured. Dimpled or textured ones are long lasting and perfect for practicing.


Here closure means the way the glove gets on and off your hand, and also how the glove fixes on your hand. Loop and hook closures are the most prominent closures, featuring an adjustable, elastic flap which you can use to tighten/loosen your gloves. V-notch closures contain a ventilation system keeping your hands dry and cool. Bandage closures are pretty much similar to medical bandages, wrapping around your wrist, made of elastic. Bandage closure offers the goalkeepers with the best support.


Fingers of the glove are vital in order to catch and secure your ball. The glove's size and cut determine how close fitting the glove is. Some goalies suggest loose fitting ones giving you more space for movement. And others prefer tight-fitted ones offering you security and control.

Now that the anatomy of goalkeeper gloves is out of the way, let's witness the things you should be considered while buying your piece of the best goalkeeper gloves:

(1) Pick The Right Size

Gloves usually come in varying sizes, similar to shoes. Gloves in general start from size 4 and end at 12. Though most companies provide half size gloves, these models have proved not loved by some markets. Most glove companies have a size chart on the pouch or packet of the glove. However, as the sizes differ drastically with different companies, the chart is pretty much useless.

The only way of picking the right size is trying them on. A 9 in one brand may fit you perfect, whereas another a 9 may not. There's a world of debate out there on wearing the gloves accurately. Tight, loose, a bigger size, a half size smaller and more such. However, comfort is the only thing that matters. In the 80s and early 90s, a lot of companies suggested wearing larger gloves for easing stress on the seams that connect the glove body to the latex.

The tighter your glove is, the more stress there is on the seams. However, most gloves today are made of a flexible material, molding your hand and offering more grip than gloves of past. The gist is trying on as many sets as possible to find the right fit. Keep a mental note of sizes which fit you respectively for each brand, allowing you to purchase without putting all of them on. Companies generally build gloves basing on the same size scale for a very long time.

(2) See If The Fitting Is Right

Fitness is one of the most crucial buying factors for goalkeeper gloves. Sloppy fitting can cause the gloves to slip around when you're catching the ball, making your game more difficult. However, a sloppy-fitting glove is not the same as wearing a glove that's too large. Some goalies simply like having a looser fit at their fingertips. A sloppy glove is one that moves excessively on your wrist and hand. Many things come together and make up the fittingness of gloves - the cut is the first of them. Gk gloves typically come in various sorts of cuts. Some companies even put their own creative spin on cuts, providing you with hybrid editions. The most prominent kinds of cuts include:

  • Flat:

A glove with flat palm will generally offer more space inside your glove so allowing your hand to move around. Some goalies suggest these.

  • Gunn or Rolled cut:

Gunn cut or rolled finger would offer you a tighter fit. The fingers on these gloves are stitched up with the top of your fingers stiched direct with your palm, while the sides of your palms are "rolled" or "wrapped" around your fingers.

  • Negative cut:

This sort of gloves usually gives the super snug fitting to your hand. A flat palm glove contains boxed fingers, whereas a negative cut set of gloves would contain the gussets stitched at the inside of your finger offering a more dependable fit.
  •  Precurved or Bowl:

This sort of palms is usually flat palm set of gloves which are pre-shaped in order to match the curve of your hand.

  •  Hybrid:

This sort of gloves usually provides a surrounding cut on your pinky finger and index finger. 'Hybrid' model gloves would give you a blend of cuts in the very same glove. For instance: some of the models of this sort could contain a roll finger on your pinky or forefinger, whereas using a flat palm on the middle finger and on the ring finger.

A goalie ought to try out various sets of gloves to figure out what is the best for him/her. The model of gloves shall fit nice enough to keep goalkeepers from moving restlessly because of the glove while a match is going on. Though a very important feature, often neglected is the wrist + strap which secures the glove on your hand. Again, the kind of closure you use depends on your personal taste. There are generally 3 kinds of closures that you can pick from. Let's see them below.

  • Bandage:

This sort of closures is generally a tubular shaped elastic piece which fits safely around your wrist. Although they give you superb secure and highly advocating fit, they also happen to be the hardest ones to remove. Some of the goalies feel the fit to be constraining.

  •  Elastic:

This type of closures contains a very loose opening - an elastic ribbon stitched around the whole closure. Usually easier to put on and off, however, not so very advocating as the bandage models.

  • Slit Wrist

These models provide very low support, however, can be worn and taken off with super ease. The cost of this set of gloves usually dictates the sort of wrist closure piece. The higher costing ones would generally contain a bandage, whereas the low-costing ones would contain slit wrist or elastic. However, you certainly would find exceptions of this, but not so very many of them.


A very new food for thought in the goalkeeper universe is the finger shielding. Back in 1996, Adidas gave birth to this awesomely crazy idea of introducing gloves optimized to provide hyperextension protection using the system of spines embedded at the backhand of the gloves. And from then on, almost all big-name goalie glove makers have launched a sort of finger shielding glove. Some of the companies use a very simple crazy plastic splint which gives you slight protection, whereas some companies have invented complex customizable shielding systems. The gist of the story is, you should avoid using finger shielding models if you're playing outdoors. However, if you are suffering from a finger injury which demands you to use this sort of shielding, then you should go for it.

These gloves actually shield your hands from one kind of injury, hyperextension. They contribute very little in order to shield kicked or stubbed fingers. Remind you, these are the most prominent sorts of injury that a goalkeeper can come across on his hand. A lot of goalies like to go with finger shielding set of gloves for indoor games, whereas the shots are made from a closer range, at a faster speed and are ampler. This ain't a bad option to go with. Fingersave gloves, especially for younger goalies promote a dearth of tactics and force in your fingers and must be neglected you have a finger injury from before. The good old trainer's tape, as well as a skilled tape job, would contribute more in order to shield your fingers than the majority of the finger shielding gloves available out there nowadays. Not surprisingly, the companies have kind of been forced to crank out these sorts of gloves to match their competitors out there in the market, hence the field turned more saturated. Bear in mind that gimmicks are oftentimes made up to increase the product price as well as in order to draw not-so-experienced customers to buy editions that they don't require. That said, there certainly is a suitable place for finger shielding gloves. However, that need does not equate to the everyday goalie glove.


There happens to be a different sort of goalie glove made for near every situation and weather that you can imagine of. When the journey of the gk gloves had started out, nearly all were built using Polyurethane, or some other type of simulated leather. But today, they use a very wide list of elements for various weather situations. Latex, fleece, mesh, polyurethane, synthetic waterproof elements are the most prominent ones.

Fleece is often used in a cooler climate. They keep you warm and protect you from water to a limited extent. Latex models give you little help in the way of climate control, however, would be molded with your hand in order to offer you nearly a customized fitting. Mesh model of gloves would be useful in a hotter climate in order to give you more space to move around. Mesh ones give you a lightweight glove a well, which is suggested and liked by some goalkeepers. A lot of companies give their very own brand of a water-safe element inside the gloves. They would generally keep the body of the glove from absorbing up the water in itself. This will keep your glove light in unsparing weather condition. They would also give you somewhat protection when the weather turns cool. However, they will not be as spacious as the other sorts of gloves. All the choices that I've mentioned above must be dictated considering the weather conditions where the goalie is on the verge of play. Perhaps it is not a good idea to buy a glove that is built with fleece if the dominating play condition is humid and warm. Pick a set of gloves which doesn't only fit weather situations, but that which will provide you top notch all around control of temperature inside your glove.


Similar to fitting, probably the most crucial portion of a goalie glove. There are actually a number of palm choices that you can find out there in the market. There is a perfect palm option for every imaginable situation, field condition, and weather type. Goalkeeper gloves primely have two objectives. The first is to absorb the shocks and the second, offering extra gripping. While you choose the latex, a lot of factors should impact your picking.
  •  Level of play

Pick a set of gloves basing on your standard of performance. The higher your skill levels are, the costly the items of your match would be. If your kid happens to be young, and not coming across issues while facing shots, it's pretty simple that they won't be needing a $100 set of a glove.

  •  Weather condition

A lot of the companies give you precise palm types which can deal with muddy or wet weathers, however, most high-quality soft latex would very great in rainy situations.

  •  Field type

A lot of goalies today play on artificial grass as well as on astroturfs. As these sorts of fields usually in exchange for the durability of gloves, perhaps you need to factor field sort at your preference of a set of a glove. A thicker palm element or a glove that has a fatter rubber to latex ration can be a better option for these kinds of surfaces if durability happens to be one of your concerns.

You should keep a lot of things in mind while you choose a palm.

#1. The softer the palm will be, the greater grip you will get. However, they would decrease quicker. Some of the companies have built palms which threw in additives which made the glove soft, though more lasting. They are usually found in the markets as 'dura', 'titanium' etc. These sorts of pals give you a nice compromise between grip and durability.

#2. The rougher the palm of your glove, the more durable it will turn out to be. Usually, rough palms contain a lot higher to latex ration. They will be great for indoors, however, won't give you the gripping of a more expensive palm. These sorts of palms are really great suit for starters, whereas the shock absorption and gripping don't happen to be the biggest priority. It would instruct the young and new-to-the-game goalkeepers to concentrate on tactics vs. depending on the cheapness of a set of goalie glove.

#3. You can find gloves in various density standards. Pick the denseness which suits you the best. A lot of goalies suggest a leaner palm that gives you more feel on the ball, to a more thick palm. You'd usually find the density written in millimeters.

#4. You must moisten the palm of the glove one hour prior to the game. All of the supersoft latex almost always do better when it is damp, and lasts longer. However, this is not the case for newcomers.

#5. You must take sincere care of your set of gloves. Wash your latex glove after using water only if the soil is very clean or slightly detergent. This way, gloves would turn out more durable and would perform better.

Over To You

While goalie gloves are so very crucial, they can never serve as an alternative to appropriate tactics. Perhaps you're planning to purchase the most expensive glove out there in the market but bear in mind that they will not aid you if you don't elicit the appropriate tactics.

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