Basketball Center Position: How To Play Basketball Center Position

Basketball Center Position

A Center probably is the rarest of all the basketball positions. This most unique position in basketball brings a lot of special skills and attributes to the table that are designed to conquer the court. The amalgamation of skill and physical requirements demanded in a Center, makes it painstaking to find an appropriate Center even in the professional games.

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While finding a person cut out for the basketball center position gets the job done, you can't easily build someone up for this position.

The physical attributes adverted for a center almost always swears by the height. For this reason, you'd almost always see the tallest players positioned as the basketball center position. The Center player hangs around the net often with a duty of contradicting  the rebounding possibility of the opponent. For instance, a Center has to record rebounding figures more than 2x digests each, in every game.

Defensively, a center must keep the most potent opposite players from scoring. For several cases, Center is the back to the basket offensive player, so he needs to have tiptop footwork alongside body stance that's designed to prevent easy post entry basketball passes. It takes time for the center to develop such skills, however, over time, it becomes a habit that doesn't require specialized effort anymore.

Speed and footwork are 2 undermined factors for a Center. However, the basketball game in this day and age, is almost always played without a hard-and-fast 'position' rule. For this reason, you often see situations like a suitable Center matching up against one better suited Power Forward, or also a tall Small Forward. So a Center must be effective and efficient with his footwork while being able to keeping the opponents far from the net, not only nearby the keyway.

Plus, defensively, a potential Center should be qualified enough to block shots, or change the shot driving into the keyway, at the least. Although blocking shots is a few and far between skill, being able to forcing the players to change their attack plans is considered a plus for a Center.

In terms of offensive play, a Center must comprise a wide array of skills, which grow varying on the nature of the player. Some centers are extremely back-to-the-basket low post fellas. Others comprise a very long shooting range designed to pull their defensive match-up far from the net, while revealing the opposition's defense flaws.

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Some of the prime skills a Center has are:

  • Back-to-the-basket offense.
  • Strong middle-of-the-floor moves
  • Post play etc.

Players comprising better range of skills would be able to spice things up even more.

The basketball center position players should be competent in many aspects technically. Screening, for example. It can be on-ball or in usual offensive game. Not only this requires you to set screens, but also learning the best read from the defensive team's reactions.

A Center should be on his toes to produce effective work centering the keyway with another inner player. A ton of offenses involve formations that begin or lead you to a high/low 2 player offensive moves.

The aforementioned tactical and technical skills are just a brief image of the basketball center position players. Just as all the positions in basketball, some players stand out from the sea of sameness with their unique approach, style and ability.

A quality Center is a stellar asset for the team. However, as the position is few and far between, there are many offenses that center around the emptiness of this position. Keep in mind that often basketball center position players mature as a player long after the guard members. This long-run improvement shouldn't discourage any coach from training someone that shows the potential or ability to turn into a great Center.

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