How To Buy The Best Basketball Shoe [The Ultimate Guide]

When it comes to choosing the best pair of basketball shoes, you are faced with a lot of difficulties, however, it is all worth it. Consider the speed of your dribbling, passing the ball or shooting it.  The shoes you wear determine a lot on the flexibility in your moves. Good shoes will hold you firm and prevent injuries caused by sliding. But, it is always very difficult to decide the right shoe for your basketball game. Here are the factors to consider before purchasing your basketball shoes.

The durability of the shoe

The duration shoe will serve you before being torn out is the best factor to consider. Strong shoes give you confidence that they will not let you down when playing the game. It will transform this into your moves. Weak shoes will instill fear of embarrassment which will reduce your performance. In fact, you will play to avoid an instance where they will fall apart during game time.

Cost of the shoes

You should buy a pair which fits your budget. Better and most effective shoes cost more. However, straining to buy expensive shoes is not a good idea since the cheaper brands can give you similar or even better service. The newest brands are always more expensive than ready existing ones.  Season affects the prices of those shoes. Best time to buy a pair of shoe is January when old stocks are being cleared at a cheaper price.

Position of your play/your role in the game

In basketball play, we have forwards, centers, guards, and all-around players.  Different roles have different shoes which fit them.

Centers and forwards- A very aggressive and swift players are suitable for this role as they move forward. They need flexible and strong shoes which suits their moves. High top-basketball shoes are the best match for them. Those shoes are light and stable to help you jump as high as possible.

All round players- Those are players who do different roles. They need to move all the field. Mid-top basketball shoes are best suited for them. With the upper wrapping just below the ankle, they offer great stability.

Guards- Those players need to be faster enough to bring the ball down and start offensive plays. They need a stable and a light shoe for stability. Back-low-top basketball shoes fit them.

Shoe Cushioning

Manufactures put the cushion inside midsole. Its main aim is to absorb shock in case of the heavy landing. A shoe with a cushion is most preferred for strong and heavy players. Air-based and form cushioning are the most effective for basketball shoes. However, in case you want a durable solution, shoes with air-based cushions will serve you better.  Adidas D Rose, Nike Kobe X1, Nike Zoom Hyper Rev and Under Amour Curry two are some of the best shoes when with best cushioning.

Place of play

Where you play your game influences a lot on the type of shoe to buy. Bearing in mind most shoes are designed for indoor basketball, it is always hectic when choosing a shoe which can fit outdoor activities. Outdoor play is always associated with rough surfaces, hot climate. Indoor basketball is associated with smooth and organized pitches. The rubber designing basketball shoes for indoor is always softer than that of the outdoors. Another factor to consider here is the traction in those shoes.  Shoes designed for indoor games have smooth tracks while those for outdoor have bigger and stronger track to improve stability in the streets. There are also combo shoes which are universal for both indoor and outdoor games. They are suitable for new players who have not made a decision on the specific place of play.

How the shoe fits you

Finding the show which fits you perfect can be a challenge but it is worth. You should fit the shoe first before making a final decision.  Always choose the shoe which you feel comfortable with. It should not be too tight or too loose. A shoe which perfectly fits you will give you enough stability and confidence when playing the game.


In the market, there are a lot of brands of basketball shoes. Most people tend to go for the newest brands on the market since it improves their egos and reputation in the game. However, the newest brands are not always the best. Before you make a final decision on the brand to buy, do a thorough research. You can ask your friends about their experience with a certain brand. Best brands are always rated highly by their customers.

Last Words

In conclusion, your footwear will influence your game a lot. Wearing best shoe will improve your ego and confidence while you are playing. However, the shoes will not make you a better player. Intense training and sacrifice is the key. Make a right decision and you will not regret.

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