How To Buy The Best Basketball [The Ultimate Guide]

Do you know playing basketball keeps you active and is the best game for the winter season? If you answered no, it’s high time you try the game. While many play basketball for fun, others do it for a living. Whichever the player you are, it is always a dilemma when choosing a basketball which suits you. You don’t have to worry since we will discuss the details of the things you need to consider when buying the best basketball.

Target Players

The basketball is a game played by different ages. There are different sizes of the ball depending on the age of the players. It suits young kids below ten years to play from size 1 to size 5 basketballs. These balls have a weight which does not exceed 18 Oz. With a circumference of bellow 25 cm, the ball is suitable for the smaller hand. It suits the teenagers above ten years to play with size 6 ball. This is about 20oz in weight and its diameter is 28.5 cm. Professional basketball players, high school, and college students use size 7 which weighs 22 Oz. This is the standard NBA basketball.  You should be careful with your selection since the wrong ball will lead to poor shooting techniques.

In case you are a beginner, you need a training basketball. They design these balls using a rubber. It is heavier than professional balls to enable the trainer to develop strong skills to dribble, shoot and control the ball.

If you are aiming to develop or enhance your shooting skills, shooters basketball is better for you. They design it with a good grip to enable you to aim and shoot while training.

With advancement in technology, there is a connected ball designed to enable the trainer to keep track of the performance. A player connects it to a smartphone via a Bluetooth. It will analyze the strength and weaknesses of the player.

The Place of Play

Basketball playing involves both indoor and outdoor play. In an indoor play, there is a well-cemented court where you play the game. In the outdoor play, someone can play the game in the streets or the field. You should be careful when choosing the ball depending on where you play. If you play indoor, there is no dirt or rocks to harm your ball so it is not a must have a stronger ball. However, the outdoor game needs a very strong ball which can withstand different environments. I would advise you to buy a ball suitable for someone to prepare both indoor and outdoor play for any circumstance.

The Ball's Material

The material will determine how long the ball will serve you and suitable place of play.

Rubber Basketball
Spalding Varsity Rubber Outdoor Basketball

Rubber basketballs are the cheapest balls. They are best for teens below ten years due to their lightness. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor play. Due to the durability of the material making them, you can comfortably play in concrete walls. However, this ball is likely to lose shape with time thus hindering better shooting. On wet hands, they slide and their grip becomes poor.

Leather Basketball

Wilson NCAA Replica Game Basketball

This is the most expensive among the three balls. It is the standard ball to use in NBA, WNBA, colleges and high school games due to its quality and good feel in the hand. It is suitable mostly in indoor courts. Sweaty hands are not a problem with this ball since the grip is guaranteed. This ball is however not suitable for wet grounds since it can absorb water. It also requires a break-in period for optimum bounce and grip.

Composite basketball

Wilson NCAA Street Shot Basketball

This is a cheaper type compared to leather basketball. Its outer covering is made up of a synthetic leather produced from a very strong and durable material called polyurethane. This material gives it a touch similar to that of leather. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities since it can be ruined easily.

Price of the balls

Basketball prices vary depending on the quality and where to use the ball. It is your pocket which will determine the type of the basketball you will purchase. High quality is always a bit expensive. If you are playing the game just for fun, Molten BGR is suitable for you. You can get one with a price not exceeding £15. This ball is suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities and comes in different colors and sizes.

Molten BGE is another durable Basketball which is available with about £20. It is suitable for youth in high schools and colleges. It has a composite cover which makes it more strong and durable. It is also suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Baden Elite Match Ball is one of the cheapest balls for professional basketball. This ball is highly recommended by Scotland, English football, FIBA. This ball is designed in a way that it can bounce and fly perfectly. With a price not exceeding £50, you can get it which comes in different sizes and colors.

Basketball Brand 

Here are the best and most trusted brands of basketballs.


They are most popular basketballs in the market today. They can be used both indoor and outdoor. They are mainly used for professional purposes. We are going to discuss some of the best Spalding balls.

Spalding for Indoor Use

  • Official NBA Game Ball: It is mostly used by biggest leagues in the word such as NBA. It meets NBA size and weight standards. With a Twitter handle on it, it shows how much it is accepted and also gives players confidence that they are playing the same ball with their idol international players. It is designed to easily bounce due to its high-performance rubber. The ball provides the best grip that enables the player to maintain control while dribbling. Its Halloween leather cover gives good feel and better ball control
  • TF-100 Legacy: It has enhanced grip and feels due to its attractive ZK microfiber composite cover. It has a moisture maintenance technology to enable it to remain dry for better grip and control. 

Spalding for Outdoor Use

  • Spalding NBA Street: Besides being a relatively cheaper ball, it is strong and durable and it can withstand rough outdoor surfaces. Its wide channel design improves its grip and control while shooting or dribbling past players. 
  • Spalding Varsity: It has an NBA twitter logo on it. The ball also has a strong rubber cover to withstand rough surfaces. It comes in different attractive colors. 
  • Wilson: The company produces high-quality basketballs for different sizes, colors, and shapes. They are relatively cheaper and durable. They are official balls for NCAA and FIBA 3*3 games. 
  • Nike: It is another famous brand. It was mainly used and accepted for professional basketball games such as NBA but it was outdone by Spalding balls.

Last Words

In conclusion, we have discussed different factors to consider when buying a basketball. All the factors are affected by the budget you have. Expensive basketballs are always better than cheaper ones. Always go for a ball which can serve you for a longer period. All the best in your choice.

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